ive decided to take the ‘lets be civil and not hate each other’ route.

lets see how this goes.

hiding my feeliingggs = posting lots of craaap on tumblr

2 years ago
IM SO FUCKING FAT. 2 years ago
i dont want attention. and im not trying to be obsessed with myself.

thats what makes this so hard.

when you have people constantly telling you youre self absorbed how are you supposed to get help? 

talking about my feelings or whats going on helps me process things. but its a problem because it looks like im just trying to get attention. and im not. but i  know that i cant keep it in because if i do, bad things will happen.

i learn from experience.

and its not like i have anyone to talk to anyways.

no one really cares.

i just dont know what to do anymore.

2 years ago
thumbs up for being heartbrokeeeeen.

no twitter = letting my emotions out on a bog nobody reads. waaaadduuupppp tumblr?!

2 years ago